Vision & Mission of the College

Our Vision

“Forming Qualified Mothers”

We believe that women have strategic and distinguished role in building the family and the society in any nation, and, thus, they should be prepared educationally and professionally to fulfill this role and they must be given the opportunity to contribute in building the future generations in a way to guarantee their psychological stability, health, and educational achievement in order to build strong, moderate, and industrious society.

Our Mission

To prepare the mother scientifically and professionally to:
  • Understand, academically, her responsibilities as a mother and head of her family to maintain her home in harmony and stability.
  • Understand her rights and duties within her family.
  • Gain the skills and know-how to manage her home and strengthen the relations and love among the members of her family.
  • Contribute to creating good and strong generations that understand their duties towards their society and nation.
  • Occupy her place in the society as a mother and a professional in areas suitable to her qualifications.
UCMOTHER seeks to accomplish its mission by emphasizing:
  • The role of women in building our society and its progress.
  • The role of our families in creating and a solid society.
  • The fundamental role of women in creating strong individuals and societies.

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